Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Installing a fireplace to your home will give your home a more comfortable and cozy feel to any home. There are typically three different types of fireplaces to choose from including wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces which The Energy House has. Picking the right type of fireplace for your home may be often times a difficult decision. There are pros and cons of the three fireplace types however installing an electric fireplace to your home is often a popular decision now and here are some of the reasons why. Read more

Smarter Fireplaces Make Smarter Homes

The history of the hearth dates back to long before The Energy House or any other manufacturer of residential gas burning fireplaces. Fast forward to 2016 and the purpose of the fireplace has transformed from survival, to a dream home. The fireplace may not be a new invention, but some innovative changes in 2016 will have you looking at the hearth in a whole new form.

Smart Home Integration

The contemporary home is only getting smarter and many leading manufacturers, like Heat & Glo, now seamlessly integrate with smart home systems and applications. Modern interior design ideas revolve around working with you, and the fireplace is no exception. Purpose and fashion are the new expectations of home features. Read more

Fireplace Installations: Which Questions You Should Ask

Purchasing a fireplace is not something you do every day, so it’s smart to consider all your options. Whether you are adding a fireplace to your existing home or having one installed in a newly constructed house, our experts suggest considering these important questions:

Read more

Wood vs. Electric: Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces have kept families warm for centuries. But natural-gas fireplaces have gained popularity because of their simplicity and minimal maintenance. In today’s environmentally conscious world, which fireplace is truly more eco-friendly? Read more

Benefits Of A Recessed Electric Fireplace

Are you looking for a way to add modernity and appeal to your home? Maybe you should consider the advantages of a modern electric recessed fireplace. This take on home-warming is a visually appealing and maintenance-free addition to your home.


New Technology

Modern electric fireplaces are a great way to warm up the home. These newer electric fireplaces feature a large number of innovations and style selections which make them better than earlier models. Today’s electric fireplaces are built with ambiance in mind and feature technology to resemble traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces.


Focal Point of the Room

Recessed fireplaces are the centers of attention in the home and a topic of conversation in the room. Among the many benefits of a recessed fireplace is its location versatility. It can be mounted on any wall and can complement the décor of any room.


Low Maintenance

They are low maintenance and smoke-free, getting rid of the hassles of having a wood-burning fireplace.. Also, they do not require the use of a chimney. Recessed fireplaces also have the power of central control. You can conveniently turn them on with a touch of a button on a remote.


Easy to Install

The electric recessed fireplace fits flush within the wall giving your home a clean, modern look. While traditional fireplaces can be expensive to install and maintain, electric fireplaces can be purchased as stand-alone pieces that are easily installed.


Style for Every Home

Purchasing a recessed electric fireplace does not mean that you are compromising on style. In fact, it is the opposite! Electric fireplaces open more opportunities for different styles within your home. There are a number of great selections of recessed fireplaces that provide comfort and warmth to any space. Modern recessed fireplaces come in a variety of styles, making it easy to find the perfect electric fireplace to match any homeowner’s taste. You have the ability to choose from six surround options to compliment your décor, including granite, limestone, and stainless steel.

At The Energy House, our professionals can match you with the perfect electric fireplace for your home. Check out our selection of Electric Fireplaces or contact us today for more details. The Energy House has installed over 100,000 fireplaces in the Bay Area and is one of the most trusted fireplace companies in Northern California.