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Experience the ultimate in outdoor luxury with our premium pergola collection, designed to withstand any weather conditions!

Explore our extensive range of pergolas featuring shade management and versatile fixed or louvered roofs, adding exceptional value to your backyard. Our pergolas are the gateway to transforming your outdoor space into a dream oasis, offering three innovative options that seamlessly blend technology and captivating aesthetics. Combining functionality, elegance, and modernity, our bioclimatic pergolas provide optimal heat and light control during winter while shielding you from harsh sun rays in summer. With their ability to protect you from all types of weather and regulate brightness, you can enjoy the outdoors in every season.

Meticulously crafted with European design and proudly made in America, our bioclimatic pergolas are built to last. The robust 6060T6 aluminum structure, powder coated with a Qualicoat and Qualimarine class 2 finish, comes with a 15-year guarantee. Choose from our two standard colors or explore our range of additional options such as motorization, sensors, screens, LED lighting rails or spots, decorative ends, custom colors, and more. These enhancements perfectly complement the design, elevating the comfort and functionality of our aluminum pergolas, allowing you to create a tailored outdoor space that fulfills your every desire.