Best Safety Tips for an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are a great way to add extra heat and ambiance to a room. They’re also a great alternative to more traditional fireplaces! Here are some of the best ways to use an electric fireplace and how to keep yourself and your family safe while doing so.

Don’t leave your electric fireplace on

Electric fireplaces shouldn’t be left on due to safety issues, and should be turned off before leaving the room or going to bed. If used properly though, electric fireplaces are known to be safer than wood or gas fireplaces.

Always be cautious when using your electric fireplace to get the maximum, safest enjoyment out of it. You should also make sure that you carefully read the owner’s manual of your particular electric fireplace model to prevent mishaps.

Read the manual and manufacturer’s guide

The amount of time you can leave your electric fireplace on and unattended will be determined in part by the type of electric fireplace you have. Some electric fireplace manuals will provide information about how long you can leave an electric fireplace on without overloading the system. Some electric fireplaces include timers that turn the gas fireplace off automatically after a specified length of time or when a certain temperature is reached.

Keep objects away from your electric fireplace

Even though there is no open flame with an electric fireplace, it generates a lot of heat, so keep an eye on everything within arm’s reach of the unit. This is especially important to remember with fabrics. While an electric fireplace doesn’t have real flames, the heat generated could still cause a fire if something is too close. 

Practice good safety habits

Electric fireplaces work in the same way as heating systems or furnaces. Electric fireplaces are considerably safer than wood or gas-burning fireplaces since they create no smoke or gas. You should always:

  • Read the manufacturer’s guide since models will have varying instructions and different limits.
  • Don’t leave an electric fireplace unattended unless your particular electric fireplace states that it is safe to do so.
  • Use proper electrical cautions like plugging the fireplace into a standard outlet instead of an extension cord.

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