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How Gas Fireplaces Are Energy Efficient

It’s getting to be that time of year when people think about curling up on the sofa in front of the fireplace – a clean-burning gas fireplace from The Energy House. Gas fireplaces are safe. They’re efficient. They add the beauty of a fire’s flickering light to the house while warming the room. Thinking about […]

Fireplaces Add Elegance & Style To Any Home

The very mention of a fireplace brings to mind images of European castles and roaring flames in a huge main hall. Central heat has come a long way since then. As have fireplaces. Not that there’s any less allure to that open blaze in a rustic lodge or a stately family room. But there are […]

Outdoor Products Perfect For Your Yard

We’re fascinated by fire. It’s an impulse with long roots. Humans first mastered fire about 400,000 years ago. It became theirs to use. Fire meant heat, sustenance, the ability to cook and smoke food to store for the long winter months. We still find that same comfort in the flickering light and warmth that emanate […]

Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

While gas fireplaces require far less maintenance than the wood-burning type, annual inspection is critical to the safe operation of your gas fireplace. You should always schedule a yearly inspection of your gas fireplace to ensure everything is running properly. Your technician will make sure your gas fireplace is venting properly. If it is not […]

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Installing a fireplace to your home will give your home a more comfortable and cozy feel to any home. There are typically three different types of fireplaces to choose from including wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces which The Energy House has. Picking the right type of fireplace for your home may be often […]

The Benefits Of A Gas Burning Fireplace

Fireplaces are traditionally thought to burn wood, but there is now an alternative to this. Gas fireplaces have become common over the years. These fireplaces do not burn wood. Instead, they burn natural gas. This makes it possible for the fireplace to keep burning and burning, without you adding more fuel to the fire. Also, […]

Simple Tips to Keep Your Electric Fireplace Clean and Beautiful

Electric fireplaces are often chosen for their convenience and relatively low maintenance design. They offer unmatched convenience for homeowners who want the aesthetic appeal and heat of a fireplace without having to worry about monitoring gas or traditional fireplace cleanliness and function. However, there are still a few important elements of electric fireplaces that merit […]

3 Tips For Picking the Perfect Holiday Hearth

There may not be snow on the ground, but the holiday season is upon us in force. Before you decide on a new fireplace, read these tips from the Energy House to ensure you get the perfect cozy gift for your family. After all, what’s the winter season without a cozy fireplace and loved ones […]