Complete Your Dream Outdoor Space With an Outdoor Fireplace

Summer is in full swing and that means spending outside with friends and family. However, an outdoor living space isn’t exactly complete without an outdoor fireplace as the centerpiece. Here are some ways an outdoor fire element can bring new life and function to your outdoor space.

Stay warm after the sun is down

Summer nights can get pretty chilly especially during the chillier transitional months. An outdoor fireplace helps extend the time that you can spend outside with your friends and family, meaning more memories by the fire, even when it gets cold.

Increase the ambiance

No amount of outdoor lighting can provide the ambiance that an outdoor fireplace creates.The soft, flickering glow of an outdoor fireplace is perfect for setting a relaxing atmosphere for winding down after a long day.

Add utility

Not only are outdoor fireplaces an attractive feature for any outdoor space, they are practical as well. Outdoor fireplaces aren’t just perfect for roasting marshmallows, you can also cook other delicious foods like hotdogs, sausages, kebabs, and much more. The options are only limited to your imagination.

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How to Repurpose Your Wood Fireplace for the Summer


With summer fast approaching, there will be little need to utilize your fireplace. However, the fireplace is still a part of your home that attracts attention even when there is no fire inside.

So what should you do with your fireplace when it’s too warm for log-burning? Well the fireplace can be proposed in many ways from decorative to practical. Here are some ideas.

Candle Cradle

You can have a fire in your fireplace even if it’s summer. Repurpose your fireplace by swapping out the logs for an assortment of candles. Candles will replicate the soft glow and feel that a fireplace gives without a significant increase to your indoor temperature. A well decorated fireplace will add both warmth and appeal to the room and a great way to utilize your fireplace when entertaining guests in the warmer months.

Firewood Storage

Another great way to repurpose your fireplace for the summer is to utilize the space for storage. Not only can your fireplace be a practical storage solution for storing excess firewood in the summer, but it adds to the aesthetic of fireplace without having to light a fire. A fireplace full of neatly stacked logs can draw as much attention as if the fireplace was lit.

Add Greenery

Liven up your fireplace with colors and smells by adding a botanical element. Studies have shown that indoor plants can boost concentration and productivity. Potted flowers and plants will add to the vibrancy of the room and blend seamlessly with the other greenery inside your home.

Whether you are considering a wood-burning, gas or electric fireplace you can count on the experts at Energy House for impeccable service and installation. We offer a huge selection of electric and wood burning grills as well as wood burning stoves. Why wait? Contact The Energy House to schedule an appointment for one of our showrooms in San Carlos, CA, Gilroy, CA or Campbell, CA.

Electric vs. Gas Fireplaces

Electric and gas fireplaces are a great alternative for those who don’t have a chimney or are seeking an alternative to a wood-burning fireplace. Fireplaces bring ambiance and warmth to a room and value to your home. Here some differences between electric and gas fireplaces that you should consider when making the decision:


Gas fireplaces work by producing a flame that resembles that of a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Contemporary fireplaces can add a lot of warmth to to your home, making it ideal for those living in colder climates.

While electric fireplaces don’t produce a flame, some models can provide the same amount of warmth as their gas counterparts. Electric fireplaces have controllable “flames” and temperatures, making it ideal for those living in warmer climates, but still want the coziness and aesthetic that a fireplace provides.


While gas fireplaces are cheaper in cost and installation than electric fireplaces, they add more to the resale value of your home. Gas fireplaces are inexpensive to run and provide a significant amount of warmth, which can greatly reduce your heating costs.

Electric fireplaces are cheaper in cost and installation compared to their gas-burning counterparts. While most electric fireplaces do not heat a room as fast as a gas fireplace, they are cheaper to run compared to other types of fireplaces.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Compared to wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces are fairly low maintenance. Gas fireplaces only require yearly maintenance. The vent should be inspected once a year for leaks and cleaned as needed. Because gas fireplaces are low maintenance, they are an ideal choice for those who want the warmth of a wood burning fireplace without the maintenance associated.

Electric fireplaces require little to no maintenance because they do not burn gas or require vents. This makes it the practical choice for those that wish to own a fireplace, but don’t want to keep up with regular maintenance.


If you are deciding on whether or not a gas or electric fireplace is right for you, contact The Energy House to schedule an appointment for one of our showrooms in San Carlos, CA, Gilroy, CA or Campbell, CA.

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