Energy Efficient Wood Stoves Help Save Money & Resources

Energy bills have continued to go up in price – so high that home heating expenses are often difficult to pay — which is why wood-burning stoves are a great alternative to traditional oil and electric heating systems.

Wood stoves have been used to heat homes since the beginning of time and are incredibly basic in nature, but they still provide everything necessary to keep a home warm and comfortable. One of the many advantages to having a wood-burning stove is that there is a very low cost that comes with powering it – the cost of chopped and split wood.

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Although many people gravitate towards gas and other types of fuel to power their home’s heating systems, there is no question that woodstoves still have a large place in our society and can be a very effective and efficient way to heat a home. If you are thinking about picking up a stove for your home, be it a wood stove, or any other type of stove that is out there currently on the market, stop by The Energy House – a professional company dedicated to custom fireplace and wood stove installations with over 100,000 units installed in the Bay Area.