The Benefits Of A Gas Burning Fireplace

Fireplaces are traditionally thought to burn wood, but there is now an alternative to this. Gas fireplaces have become common over the years. These fireplaces do not burn wood. Instead, they burn natural gas. This makes it possible for the fireplace to keep burning and burning, without you adding more fuel to the fire. Also, gas fireplaces are better for chimneys.

Wood burning stoves require that you add wood to the fire. Doing this requires that you have a stock of wood during the season. The stacking and arranging of the wood also takes a substantial amount of time at the start of the season. It also means trips outdoors to get more wood for the fire. Wood burning stoves also cause gunk and grime to build up on the inside of a chimney. This can potentially lead to dangerous chimney fires. To prevent this, the chimney has to be regularly cleaned. Also, if you wish to stop having the wood burning stove on, you have to wait for the fire to die down after you close the damper.

Gas fireplaces in Northern California can avoid many of these problems. The gas is constantly injected into the fireplace. The gas is turned on and off with a switch. This makes it easy to control whether or not the gas fireplace is on or off. Gas fireplaces also do not cause the level of grime and gunk in the chimney that wood burning stoves do. This reduces the danger of a chimney fire. In addition, you will also save lots of time. There will be no time spent stacking wood or going outside gathering wood for the fire.

The one disadvantage to gas fireplaces is that they don’t necessarily have the same look as a wood burning fireplace. However, this is a problem that can be solved. You can get fireplace inserts that are put into the gas fireplace. These inserts mimic the look of wood. Unless people are paying attention to the fireplace, people may not even notice the difference. Fireplace inserts can look quite realistic.

It is up to you whether to buy a wood burning stove or gas fireplace. However, there are some unique benefits to gas burning fireplaces. Yes, they vary from the traditional wood burning stove. However, they can be made to have a similar look. In fact, gas fireplaces can have some similar charms that wood burning stove can.