How to Clean a Masonry Fire Pit

As fire pits become more prevalent in people’s yards, it is important to know how to properly take care of them. They provide warmth and an area to socialize but also come with the responsibility of regular cleaning. Fire pits can be made from masonry, metal, or even propane or natural gas, so choose what fit right for you before heating things up!

How Often to Clean a Fire Pit 

Always remove ashes from a wood-fired pit after use; if left, the acidic ashes will damage the fire surround. Similarly, before turning on a gas-powered pit, take a few minutes to clear any leaves, twigs or debris that may have fallen onto the glass or lava rocks.

Depending on how often you use your fire pit, it will need to be cleaned more or less frequently. As a general rule of thumb, every type of pit should be cleaned at least twice a year and always before storing it away or winterizing it.

Cleaning a Masonry Fire Pit 

Empty Ashes 

Before removing ashes from a fire pit, make sure the embers are dead by poking them with a shovel or trowel. Scoop out the ashes and place them in an airtight metal bucket or ash can for garbage removal.

Mix a Cleaning Solution 

In a plastic bucket, mix a solution of one part muriatic acid and nine parts water.

Scrub the Masonry 

Protect your hands and eyes with rubber gloves and eye protection. Then, mix muriatic acid and water together to form a solution. Scrub the blocks inside and outside using this mixture until the stains disappear.

Rinse Well 

Thoroughly rinse the fire pit with a garden hose to remove dirt and cleaning solution. Allow the fire pit to dry for 48 to 72 hours before using it again.

Once your masonry is completely dry from cleaning, using a sealant will protect it from any future stains and makeclean up much quicker.

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