Fireplace Solutions for Small Spaces

Although it may seem impossible, you CAN have a fireplace in your small living space without forgoing style and comfort. With the right product and a few tips, we’ll show you how easy it is to enjoy all the benefits of a cozy fire without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Media Console Fireplace

Media Console Fireplaces offer the benefits of an entertainment console along with built-in Electric Fireplaces. They are perfect for small homes and apartments because they perform double duty. Not only do they provide a warm fire and wonderful ambiance, but they also have shelving to store all your entertainment options and a flat top where a TV can be placed.

Wall Mounted Fireplace

Wall Mount Fireplaces are electric and among the most space-efficient options for small spaces because they don’t need floor space. They offer a source of electric heat and can be placed anywhere in your home with an electrical outlet. Wall-mounted fireplaces often add a touch of sophistication to any room.

Corner Fireplace

If you want a cozy fireplace but don’t have anywhere to put it, go for a corner model. They slot perfectly into 90-degree corners and look great in living rooms. You could even get one that doubles as a media console for extra usefulness.

Electric Stove Fireplace

Traditional stoves that require a fireplace and wood burning are becoming a thing of the past. More effective, compact, and easy-to-use electric stove fireplaces are quickly taking their spot as the new standard. These don’t need nearly as much space or time to heat up, so you can put them wherever you want in your home.

Free-Standing Fireplace

Because freestanding fireplaces typically use gas, they can be placed almost anywhere in your home as long as you consider wall clearance and a hearth to protect your floors. If you don’t have existing gas lines installed where you want the fireplace, no problem! A licensed gasfitter can install them quickly.

Energy House offers several different options for fireplaces that can be used in small spaces. Let us help you find one that can be placed in the perfect location without making the room too crowded. Give us a call today!