3 Benefits of Installing a Fireplace Insert

Homes with traditional fireplaces often need a lot of maintenance and repairs, which are not always easy or affordable. Fireplace inserts however can be custom designed to fit into your existing masonry and offer an extensive list of benefits for you and your family. Here are some of the things you should know:

Heating your home

Traditional fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your home, but they’re not always efficient when it comes to heating it. Many fireplaces actually pull out more heat through the chimney than what it provides to your home. Fireplace inserts however have a closed design and are insulated which means your home will retain much more heat and keep you warm.

Different fuel sources

You also have control over the type of fuel you want to heat your home with. Unlike traditional fireplaces that burn wood, fireplace inserts offer a variety of fuel sources like natural gas, pellet, wood, propane, and coal. Using alternative fuel sources like pellets are often more cost effective and easier to use.

Avoid masonry repairs

The cost for maintenance and repairs on your fireplace can add up quickly. Fixing your existing chimney will require a masonry expert and might cause disruption in your daily life. On the other hand, getting a fireplace insert installed is much less time consuming and much more affordable. 

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