Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

A clean-burning gas fireplace from Energy House helps you set the mood. The dancing, flickering flight blends illumination with shadow and creates a lovely, ever-changing background that brings forth a sense of safety and warmth.

That’s one of the great advantages of gas fireplaces – safety. There’s no spark, no smoke, and no soot – but there are other ways to set a mood. Candles are also great, with or without the fireplace on, but candles burn in the open and carry their own hazards.

Just as we would advise safety with a gas fireplace – regular maintenance, a carbon monoxide detector – so do we express a few warnings where candles are concerned. Be careful with candles – they’re easily knocked over, they drip, they can create a hazard.

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended. Fire is unpredictable. Extinguish lit candles when you leave the room.
  • Avoid using candles during a power shortage. Flashlights are much safer. In the event of a fire during an emergency, you cannot be assured of timely services from first responders.
  • Make sure candles are nowhere near anything else flammable. Again, the potential for fire, smoke, and damage means candles should not be within reach of curtains or atop a tablecloth.

Light is healing and appealing. Be safe with candles. Rely on your gas fireplace from Energy House.