Gas Fireplace Safety Tips | Energy House

Gas fireplaces are a great addition to any home! Not only do they bring comfort and warmth at the press of a button, but they also save you money on your heating bill as well. While gas fireplaces lack an open flame, there are still some important safety precautions you should take when operating them. Here are some handy safety tips to keep in mind.  

Keep Away From the Glass

This is the most important aspect of gas fireplace safety. The glass of a gas fireplace gets extremely hot and you can really get injured if you are not careful. Be extremely careful with the glass and make sure that children are aware of the dangers of it as well.

Schedule Yearly Inspections

While gas fireplaces require far less maintenance compared to their wood-burning counterparts, an annual inspection is crucial to the safe operation of your gas fireplace. You should always schedule a yearly inspection of your gas fireplace to ensure everything is running properly. Schedule an inspection towards the middle of the fall season to make sure you’re good to go when it’s time to light up the fire. 

Keep in Mind Clearance Zones

No matter how advanced a fireplace is, there is a clearance zone that you should keep in mind when placing decor. Pay attention to these zones and make sure that flammable or easily damaged materials are kept away from these spaces. You avoid placing items such as wood, newspapers, books, drapes, etc against the glass or in near proximity of your gas fireplace.

Check the Safety Screen

The safety screen acts as a barrier that prevents contact with hot glass, greatly reducing the risk of serious burns. You should always make sure that this screen is in good condition to help prevent serious injury. If your gas fireplace was fabricated prior to 2015, it may not come with a safety screen, at that point it would be beneficial to have one installed.

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