5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Fireplace

Installing a fireplace in your home is a great way to heat your home and save money on heating costs. If properly maintained, a quality fireplace will serve you a lifetime, so you should make sure that the one you choose will best fit your home and lifestyle. Here are five important questions you should ask yourself before choosing a fireplace:

How much do you want to spend?

Fireplaces come in various prices, and that heavily depends on the features you want. A barebones fireplace can be very affordable, however, if you wish for a luxury fireplace with lots of extra features, it can end up costing a lot more. Keep in mind that while the bulk of your expenses will go towards the fireplace itself, installation fees and other costs can add up, so you should always budget for that.

What style are you looking for?

How you want your fireplace to look is another big determinant is which fireplace you choose. Perhaps you want to go for a traditional look with a classic wood-burning fireplace, or maybe go for a sleek and elegant look with a modern electric fireplace.

How much maintenance do you want?

For some, there’s nothing better than a wood burning fireplace, however they can require a lot more maintenance. If the idea of maintaining a fireplace doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you should opt for a gas or electric fireplace.

What fuel source do you want to burn?

The type of fuel source you want to burn can be a huge factor in which fireplace you should choose. While a wood-burning fireplace is a great addition to any home – the interaction and maintenance can be a turn off for some. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to heat your home, consider a gas or electric fireplace.

Are you making an investment?

If you are looking to install a fireplace in your home, something that might concern you is the return on investment. The good news is that fireplaces contribute directly to the value of your house. If you don’t plan on selling your home in the near future, a fireplace can pay for itself by saving you money on your heating bill. 

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