How to Properly Season Your Wood this Fall

If you own a wood-burning fireplace, then it’s likely that you’ve started stockpiling firewood for the upcoming cold seasons. However, not many wood-burning fireplace owners know the importance of properly seasoning their wood. Properly seasoning your firewood is an important part of fireplace maintenance. Not only can improperly seasoned wood potentially damage your wood-burning fireplace, but it can also hinder the performance of your unit and lead to excess creosote buildup. Here is how to properly season your wood so you can avoid these potentially dangerous issues. 

Split Your Firewood into Smaller Pieces

Before you add that giant log to your pile, you should keep in mind that smaller pieces season faster. In most cases, large logs will still retain moisture in the core, leading to the same issues we’ve discussed previously. Split large rounds into smaller, more manageable pieces will help prevent these issues by helping wood seasons faster.

Keep Your Wood Dry 

Because wood is porous, storing it in a damp location will only rehydrate the fibers, undoing all the work you put into seasoning it in the first place. Keep seasoned and seasoning wood in a dry location such as a garage, shed or shelter to prevent as much contact to the elements as possible. When storing your wood, keep a tarp underneath to prevent any groundwater from penetrating,

Let the Wood Breath

Stacking the wood in a manner that allows for good airflow is important in ensuring your wood seasons thoroughly and efficiently. Stack wood in an alternating, pattern (think jenga without the middle piece) to ensure even airflow around every piece of wood. 

Rotate Your Stock

Rotate your firewood within your pile to ensure that the oldest wood is used first. When adding wood to your stockpile, pile the new wood in the back and bring the old wood to the front. This ensures that you don’t accidentally use young wood that can cause issues for your wood-burning fireplace.

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