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Why Summer Is The Best Time To Have A Fireplace Insert, Stove or Gas Fireplace Installed

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy mild weather and blooming flowers, and it’s also a great time to add a supplemental heat source to your home. As winter approaches, most reliable hearth stores are booked through the fall season. Get a jump on the smart trend of cutting winter costs by adding a new stove, fireplace insert, gas logs, or gas fireplace to your home this summer. Read more

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Should You Add Another Fireplace To Your Home?

There are always questions that must considered before improving your home, especially when it comes to the addition of a fireplace. Where might you put it?  Next to the current one?  Along another adjacent wall suitable for a second full-size chimney?  Is the process going to require a huge renovation? Fortunately, enhancing your home with the elegance and convenience of a second fireplace isn’t much more complicated than adding a stove to your kitchen!

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Wood vs. Electric: Eco-Friendly Fireplaces

Wood-burning stoves and traditional fireplaces have kept families warm for centuries. But natural-gas fireplaces have gained popularity because of their simplicity and minimal maintenance. In today’s environmentally conscious world, which fireplace is truly more eco-friendly? Read more

Preparing your Fireplace for Spring Season

Before planning to spend warm days outdoors, it is important for homeowners to prepare their fireplaces for the season change. The Energy House can recommend the proper fireplace maintenance to welcome the Spring Season, which will save you time and money, as well as help keep your family safe. The type of fireplace you own, either wood burning or gas, will determine what needs to be done to prepare for Spring.

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Outdoor Fireplace Benefits

A backyard patio or deck is a great place for an outdoor fireplace or fire table! If you are thinking of having a wood burning or gas fireplace added to your California home, here are some of the top benefits of an outdoor fireplace.

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Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Installing a fireplace to your home will give your home a more comfortable and cozy feel to any home. There are typically three different types of fireplaces to choose from including wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces which The Energy House has. Picking the right type of fireplace for your home may be often times a difficult decision. There are pros and cons of the three fireplace types however installing an electric fireplace to your home is often a popular decision now and here are some of the reasons why. Read more

Renew That Old Fireplace With a New Fireplace Insert Today

Energy House picWith old man winter knocking at the door, nothing melts the cold away more than watching crackling flames in a fireplace. Don’t let most of the heat generated by that fireplace go up the chimney. As much as 90% of the heat generated by an open-face fireplace is released up the chimney, rather than radiating it back into the home. Adding a fireplace insert not only saves on the home’s energy costs, but it reduces the amount of noxious gases and particles released into the home’s interior.

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How to Use your Fireplace During Summer

Are you looking for ways to make your fireplace usable and to have it serve as a focal point even during summer? Here are some tips on how to continue to use your fireplace even during the warmer summer months.

Burn Candles
Switch out fire logs for traditional candles to keep out the heat. You can use scented candles for a little aromatherapy or even colored candlesticks to add a touch of color to the room.

Summer Decor on Mantel
Liven up your fireplace by decorating the mantle with pieces that celebrate summer. If you want a nautical feel, place pieces of art with sailboats, anchors and boat wheels. For a feeling of a day at the beach, fill glass jars with seashells and arrange pieces of driftwood around. You can be patriotic all summer long by using accents of stars and stripes in colors like red, white and navy.

Plants and Flowers
Add a natural element to the space with plants. You can place a few herbs and spices in flower pots to create a small indoor garden. This will not only add some color, but also fresh aroma to the room.

If plants aren’t your thing, you can even fill a small aquarium or fish bowl with tropical fish and surround it with large stones, or small colored glass stones.

Twinkle Lights
Dress up logs with twinkling string lights, to give off the illusion of warmth without lighting a flame. Wrap a string or two of the lights around the logs and place them in the fireplace.
With a few simple modifications, you can switch up your fireplace style for each season. Friends, family and guests will be impressed by your style and creativity!
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5 Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace Mantel

Just because the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your fireplace mantel a beautiful focal point. Here are some tips that you can use year-round to create gorgeous displays that complement your style and show off your passions.


Hang Up a Mirror

Hanging a mirror over your mantel offers an elegant touch and adds symmetry to the room. Additionally, depending on the amount of windows in the room, mirrors help bounce natural light throughout the room.


Showcase Art or Photos

Display your favorite pieces of art or figurines on your mantel. You can even place photographs of loved ones for guests to see every time they visit.


Bouquet of Flowers

Typically, it is not advised to have plants or flowers above your fireplace, but when the fireplace is not in use, the mantel is perfectly safe for your flora babies. Placing a vase of fresh, or artificial, flowers adds a natural element to your living space. Plus, it allows for more color in the decor.


Display Fragile Collections

Want to show off your newly acquired China or antique dishes passed onto you by a relative? Now you can by using small plate stands or easels to display your favorite fragile dish collection on your fireplace mantel.



For a fresh mantel, place candles or even sconces on the wall above mantel. This brightens up the room and draws more attention to your hearth.


At The Energy House, our professionals can match you with the perfect fireplace for your home. Contact us today for more details!