Should You Install a Traditional or Contemporary Gas Fireplace?

Ready to commit to installing a gas fireplace? Regardless of your interior design style, from traditional to contemporary, Energy House has a wide range of fireplace models and features that will reflect your personal style.

Traditional Fireplaces

Burning wood in a traditional fireplace has attracted people for millennia. Gas fireplaces offer what we love about a wood-burning fire in a more convenient package. You can use a remote, app or voice control, and today’s gas fireplaces are so realistic, it can be hard to tell the difference between them and a wood-burning fire.

Contemporary Fireplaces

These types of gas fireplaces on the other hand have stylized flames surrounded by colored glass and shiny metal. They have some of the same benefits as traditional fireplaces, but have a completely different look. Contemporary fireplaces feature linear flames that flicker in unison, unique materials like black glass and panoramic viewing angles. 

Having trouble deciding between a traditional or contemporary gas fireplace? Some options incorporate the best of both designs into one beautiful focal point. As a trusted fireplace company in Northern California, our qualified experts at The Energy House can find you the perfect fireplace for your home. You can contact us here for more details.