Outdoor Gas Fireplaces Can Make Your Summer Nights Hassle Free

When the weather turns chilly on those upcoming summer nights, the last thing you want to do after your BBQ is build another fire when all you really want to do is kick back and relax. Fortunately, outdoor gas fireplaces have become readily available and only require the simple flick of a switch to get it going.


An outdoor gas fireplace saves you the time and hassle of having to have extra wood on hand, taking the time to build and light the fire, tending the fire and getting smoke smell in your clothes and hair. You also avoid the ashes, sparks and smoke generated by a wood burning fire. Certain models of outdoor gas fireplaces can even include speakers so that you can enjoy music as you enjoy the fire’s ambience.


An outdoor fireplace provides ambience and relaxation at the flip of a switch. Whether you have a fully equipped outdoor kitchen and living area or a less-elaborate setup, different types of outdoor fireplaces are available. With many designs in both fireplace and fire pit styles, it is easy to match the decor of your outdoor living area or deck. As with interior gas fireplaces, some outdoor fireplaces can look built in, and include stone surrounds, a hearth and a mantel. Outdoor fireplaces can be inset into a wall, and can even be double-sided. Double-sided outdoor fireplaces can be freestanding, while others can be built into the house’s exterior wall, offering a fire that you can enjoy from both inside and outside your home.


Note that although many outdoor gas fireplaces are designed with waterproofing and using materials that can withstand being exposed to the elements, some are designed to be installed under an overhang or roof. Before you finalize placement of a unit you’re researching, check with the manufacturer to determine what, if any restrictions apply to your unit.

This summer, save your wood for your barbecue and invest in an outdoor gas fireplace from Energy House.