Fireplace Inserts Will Help You Save On Heating Costs

No one wants to throw away money when it comes to heating their house. When you heat your home efficiently, it can make a huge difference in your monthly energy bills. Traditional fireplaces are notorious for pulling more heat out of your home than they can actually produce, but that’s not the case with fireplace inserts. Here’s how they can help:

Heat efficiency

Since wood fireplace inserts are made of cast iron or steel, they provide better heating efficiency than regular fireplaces with more insulation to keep the heat inside your home. Fireplace inserts also have better zone heating, which prevents the warmth from escaping through the chimney.

Lower heating bills

The heat generated from a fireplace insert usually lasts longer than other fireplaces. Thanks to the greater efficiency and insulation from the insert, you’ll be able to heat your room for extended periods of time and save on energy bills.

Lower remodeling costs

It’s important to get your fireplace and chimney inspected for safety precautions, and if your fireplace needs a tune up or complete remodel, it could cost a pretty penny. The cost of installing a fireplace insert is significantly less than having your fireplace remodeled.

Easy maintenance

When it comes to maintaining a fireplace insert, the process is relatively easy compared to a traditional fireplace. They don’t require as much cleaning and all you have to do is remove any built up ash and debris. 

If you’re interested in learning more about fireplace inserts, you’ve come to the right place. Our knowledgeable staff at Energy House would love to help you with all of your fireplace needs. Contact us today and learn more about the services we offer in the Bay Area.