Why You Might Want to Install Fireplace Doors

If you’re looking to install a custom fireplace, you should also start looking into fireplace doors. Not only do they contain fires and to add a stylish finish, they can also help regulate heat, and prevent rogue sparks. There are plenty more benefits you’ll see with fireplace doors. Here are just a few:

They’ll make your fireplace safer

Adding doors to your fireplace can help make your living space safer, especially with children or pets. They will prevent curious pets and young children from getting too close to the open flames. Doors can also help to prevent rogue sparks from landing on anyone or anything in the room.

They’ll prevent small animals from coming in

If you live in an older home, you probably know that small rodents, raccoons, and even birds can enter your home through the chimney. By installing doors on your fireplace, it will stop these small creatures from getting into your home and give you time to call your local animal control.

They’ll give your fireplace a finishing touch

Fireplace doors can also add a little aesthetic value. From something sleek and simple to rustic, doors will add that decorative finish to your custom fireplace. You can also add them to older fireplaces to give them a more modern and updated look.

They’ll improve efficiency

By installing fireplace doors, you’ll create an air-tight seal when closed. This will help prevent cool air from escaping in the summer and warm air from escaping in the winter. It will also translate well on your energy bills every month.

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