Fireplaces Add Elegance & Style To Any Home

The very mention of a fireplace brings to mind images of European castles and roaring flames in a huge main hall.

Central heat has come a long way since then. As have fireplaces.

Not that there’s any less allure to that open blaze in a rustic lodge or a stately family room. But there are so many reasons to include a clean, gas fireplace in your residence.

Contemporary fireplaces don’t dominate the décor as did their historic predecessors. They complement a room without overwhelming it, even as they become a visual centerpiece. They’re warm, clean, and quiet.

A gas-powered flame behind glass provides a beauty of its own while serving as a source of heat. It alters moods and soothes as it flickers out of reach.

You enjoy so many options when you decide on a gas fireplace. We offer a fabulous selection of DaVinci fireplaces, which can help you change the entire shape and utility of walls. We carry Eclipse and Fireplace Extraodinair.

Forget about chopping wood and collecting brush for a smoky fire that leaves a dangerous residue in the chimney. Let Energy House help you select a gas fireplace that complements your décor and adds not only beauty but heat and light to your home.

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