3 Tips For Picking the Perfect Holiday Hearth

There may not be snow on the ground, but the holiday season is upon us in force. Before you decide on a new fireplace, read these tips from the Energy House to ensure you get the perfect cozy gift for your family. After all, what’s the winter season without a cozy fireplace and loved ones to share it with?

The fireplace should match the room.

Nothing gives away an impulse buy like clashing patterns or colors, and a fireplace is no different! The Energy House offers a huge selection of varied styles, from the sleek modern DaVinci fireplaces to more classically beautiful Kozy Heat models. Any of these could look good, but a truly beautiful fireplace is one that blends seamlessly into the layout of your home.

Consider color!

There are many options when it comes to the shade and hue of your fireplace. With so many options out there, it can be borderline paralyzing to choose. Do I make a statement, or do I go for a traditional comfy look? The truth is, both have merits. When shopping in person, bring pictures of the room you are planning to install in. If the room is primarily white and gets lots of sun, going for an unusual color could make a great statement! Alternatively, if you plan to install the fireplace in a part of the house that gets dark quickly, the natural orange glow of a more traditional Energy House hearth will convey a more cozy, intimate mood.

The layout of the house matters.

Where your fireplace sits in the context of your house is crucial to determining how it will be used and enjoyed. If you plan to install it in a study or a sequestered off family room, look for fireplaces that output a lot of heat and have tall, active flames. This will make it the focal point of the room, and draw everyone together in front of it. If you choose to install it in a foyer, living room, or some other very active space, treat it more like an aesthetic element: perhaps find a color that compliments paintings and pictures on the wall, or go for a statement piece to spark up a conversation at the holiday party. Remember: fireplaces from Energy House are versatile elements of home decor, and should be treated as such!

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