Outdoor Fireplace Benefits

A backyard patio or deck is a great place for an outdoor fireplace or fire table! If you are thinking of having a wood burning or gas fireplace added to your California home, here are some of the top benefits of an outdoor fireplace.

Added ambiance- Sitting by the fire and cozying up with a loved one can be romantic. Listening to the natural sound of crackling wood logs burning can also be relaxing.

Outdoor entertainment – An outdoor fireplace is a great way to enhance your outdoor living area and spend time with friends and family.

Cook outdoors – If you like to host cookouts and barbeques with friends, an outdoor fireplace or fire table is a great addition to your backyard. It’s also great to toast marshmallows with the kids.

Stay warm on cool nights or during winter – You can extend your spring, fall, and even winter entertaining seasons by staying warm on those chilly evenings with your outdoor fireplace. Many models of wood burning and gas fireplaces offer brick and stainless steel features built to withstand the elements when not in use.

Safety tips

Do not leave fires unattended, make sure you watch it go out. Keep small children supervised near the fire.

It is very important to clean out any ash and soot left inside the fireplace because it restores the beauty of your hearth.  After cleaning out the ash, close the damper. Doing this prevents any remnant ash and soot in the fireplace from blowing out during a breeze.

If you own a direct vent fireplace with a glass panel, you should regularly clean the glass. First, remove the glass, then use the manufacturer’s suggested cleaner. For gas fireplace owners with glass doors, the same is recommended; use a soft cloth and the cleaner suggested by the manufacturer. Do not use any cleaning products that contain ammonia!

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