How to Use your Fireplace During Summer

Are you looking for ways to make your fireplace usable and to have it serve as a focal point even during summer? Here are some tips on how to continue to use your fireplace even during the warmer summer months.

Burn Candles
Switch out fire logs for traditional candles to keep out the heat. You can use scented candles for a little aromatherapy or even colored candlesticks to add a touch of color to the room.

Summer Decor on Mantel
Liven up your fireplace by decorating the mantle with pieces that celebrate summer. If you want a nautical feel, place pieces of art with sailboats, anchors and boat wheels. For a feeling of a day at the beach, fill glass jars with seashells and arrange pieces of driftwood around. You can be patriotic all summer long by using accents of stars and stripes in colors like red, white and navy.

Plants and Flowers
Add a natural element to the space with plants. You can place a few herbs and spices in flower pots to create a small indoor garden. This will not only add some color, but also fresh aroma to the room.

If plants aren’t your thing, you can even fill a small aquarium or fish bowl with tropical fish and surround it with large stones, or small colored glass stones.

Twinkle Lights
Dress up logs with twinkling string lights, to give off the illusion of warmth without lighting a flame. Wrap a string or two of the lights around the logs and place them in the fireplace.
With a few simple modifications, you can switch up your fireplace style for each season. Friends, family and guests will be impressed by your style and creativity!
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