Cosmopolitan Square Firetable

American Fyre Designs Cosmopolitan Square Firetable

Product Description

American Fyre Designs Cosmopolitan Square Firetable Specs:
DIMENSIONS:36″ W  X 24″ H X 36″ D
MODEL NO # 640-XX-11-V2XC
WT.250# / PIECES 2

Campfyre Logs


Model Shown: OCL-34

This set has the look of the real campfire. Giving you that middle-of-the-woods campfire experience in your own backyard.



Beachwood Logs


Model Shown: OCBW-34

Like a real wood fire on the beach, this set includes charred branches and volcanic stones.



Praire Oak

Prairie Oak

Model Shown: PRO-27

Larger set for deep fire pits. This set has the look of the real campfire. Build a great fire in your own backyard.



Volcanic Stones


Model Shown:VS-25



Lava Coals

Lava Coals

Model Shown: LFC-10



Lava Granules

Lava Granules

Model Shown:LF-10


Log sets pictured with recommended Lava Granules or Lava Coals. Lava Granules & Lava Coals are not included with log set and must be ordered separately.


Diamond Nuggets

color nuggets
Model Numbers:

•Clear:  GLD-x-C

•Lavender:  GLD-x-L

•Rose:  GLD-x-R

•Emerald:  GLD-x-E

•Pacific Blue:  GLD-x-PB

•Steel Blue:  GLD-x-SB



Fyre Gems

Fyre Gems
Model Numbers:

•Black Pearl:GLG-x-J     •Black Granite:GLG-x-B

•Blue Topaz:GLG-x-T     •Champagne:GLG-x-D

•Coral Reef:GLG-x-R     •Deep Amber:GLG-x-A

•Emerald:GLG-x-E           •Glacier:GLG-x-C

•Koi:GLG-x-K                     •Mint:GLG-x-M

•Moss:GLG-x-O                •Platinum:GLG-x-P




Fyre Glass

Fyre Glass
Model Numbers:

•Azuria:GL-x-F      •Azuria Reflective:GL-x-FR

•Black:GL-x-B       •Black Reflective:GL-x-BR

•Bronze:GL-x-Z    •Bronze Reflective:GL-x-ZR

•Caribbean Blue:GL-x-N

•Caribbean Blue Reflective:GL-x-NR

•Clear:GL-x-C     •Copper Reflective:GL-x-QR

•Emerald:GL-x-E   •Emerald Reflective:GL-x-ER

•Gold Reflective:GL-x-HR     •Sapphire:GL-x-S

•Star Fyre:GL-x-W


Available in 5, 7, or 10 Lbs bags, and 40 Lbs. Bucket

15 lbs – Cosmopolitan Square, Amphora Urn, Piage Urn

25 lbs – Rectangular, Cosmopolitan Rectangular, Contempo Rectangle, Firefalls, Firewall

30 lbs – Amphora, Chat Height Octagon, Inverted, Cosmopolitan Round, Fiesta, Contempo Round, Etruscan Urn, and Chiseled, El Dorado, and Contractor Fire Pits.

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