8000 Modern Gas Fireplace

Heat & Glo 8000 Modern Gas Fireplace

Product Description

The 8000 Modern adds impressive impact to any room. An expansive firebox with clean, bold lines accents contemporary décor. Robust flames rising up through modern media deliver unmatched style and modern ambiance.

  • 42″ viewing area
  • Perfect blend of flame and modern design elements
  • Choose from two attractive fronts to create your ideal style

Key Features and Technologies

Learn more about key product features and technologies.

  • Direct Vent Technology
  • IntelliFire™ Ignition System
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Fireplace Safety


The IntelliFire Plus Ignition System is an intelligent control system providing energy conservation and the comfort of a roaring fire at your fingertips. IntelliFire Plus features intermittent-pilot ignition (IPI) allowing you to conserve fuel and money when the fireplace is not in use.

  • IntelliFire Plus RC100
  • IntelliFire Plus RC200
  • IntelliFire Plus RC300


The clean simple lines of the Modern front perfectly highlight the unique flame. The simple Folio front has an inside fit.

  • Finishes

    Modern Front
  • Finishes

    Folio Front


Accent the firebox with glass. Four cool colors to warm up your flame.

  • Glass Media, Amber
  • Glass Media, Black
  • Glass Media, Blue
  • Glass Media, Crystal


An impressive selection of designs are available in a variety of material.

  • Finishes

    Belair Mantel
  • Finishes

    Bridgeport Mantel
  • Finishes

    Fairfield Mantel
  • Finishes

    Hastings Mantel
  • Finishes

    Mantel Kenwood-Corner Base
  • Finishes

    Kenwood Wall Cabinet
  • Finishes

    Kenwood Wall Cabinet with Base
  • Finishes

    Mount Vernon Mantel
  • Finishes

    Newport Mantel
  • Finishes

    Parsons Mantel
  • Finishes

    Phillips Hall Mantel
  • Finishes

    Plymouth Mantel
  • Finishes

    Portico Mantel w/Filler
  • Finishes

    Portico Mantel w/o Filler
  • Finishes

    Portico Mantel w/Filler painted
  • Finishes

    Roseville Mantel
  • Finishes

    Sonoma Mantel
  • Finishes

    Winchester Mantel
  • Finishes

    Yorktown Mantel

Stone Surrounds

With two marble, nine granite and one slate selection to choose from, the natural stone frames your fireplace to ensure safety clearances are met and to further enhance the beautiful fire.

  • Beige Marble
  • Marron Brown Marble
  • Absolute Black Granite
  • Green Granite
  • Caledonia Granite
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Slate
  • Wheatfield Granite

Cast Mantels

Personalize your fireplace with a cast mantel by Fireside Furnishings. Our cast fireplace mantels range from classic to modern designs.

  • Finishes

    Avalon Cast Mantel
  • Finishes

    Avalon Cast Mantel with Overmantel
  • Finishes

    Biltmore Cast Mantel
  • Finishes

    Biltmore Cast Mantel with Overmantel


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