Mezzo See-Thru

Mezzo See-Thru

Product Description

You’ve never experienced modern design like this. Clean. Discreet. Luxurious. These double-sided gas fireplaces come in 36, 48, 60 and 72-inch sizes, so as to perfectly fit in your space. We spared nothing, to give you everything. It’s modern design, redefined.

  • 17,500 – 58,000 BTUs
  • 36, 48, 60 and 72-inch single-side models also available
  • Flames spread across a bed of crushed glass, illuminated by LED underlighting
  • Fade-resistant black glass interior adds depth and intensity to the fire
  • Define your design with 4 sizes and multiple customization options
  • Standard IntelliFire™ Plus RC300 remote control


Quickly and easily control the fire, heat output and LED accent lighting. The RC300 comes standard with the MEZZO and incorporates an LCD screen, intuitive menus and large control buttons. This wireless control offers flexibility to either mount on the wall or use as a remote.

  • IntelliFire Plus RC300


Choose a front design to accent your décor, and breathe life into your favorite space.

  • Finishes

    Clean Face Trim

  • Finishes

    Loft Forge

  • Finishes


Interior Media Options

The flames can rise through translucent crushed glass for a modern flare, or add textured logs to the crushed glass for a fusion of traditional elements.

  • Glass Media, Crystal

  • Glass Media, Black

  • Glass Media, Amber

  • Glass Media, Blue

  • Glass Media, Scarlet

  • Iced Fog Media

  • Natural Log Set (Requires glass media)

Heat Management Technology

Technologies to help you manage the heat throughout your house.

  • Power Venting Technology

  • Heat Duct Technology

  • Heat Zone Technology

Termination Caps

As the finishing touch, termination cap options are both functional and beautifully designed.

  • High Wind Vertical Termination Cap

  • Horizontal Termination Cap

  • High Performance Termination Cap

  • FireBrick Termination Cap for Gas

  • High-Rise Termination Cap

  • Decorative Radius Cover

  • Safety Shield


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